Get Press with Content Marketing

As SEO changes shape and Google discounts many old and tired tactics that don’t work anymore, we have to look towards the highest quality link-earning strategies. Earn branded backlinks from major news outlets is a tremendous competitive advantage against your competition. These backlinks are more valuable, authoritative, trustworthy, and difficult to earn. Therefore, earning even 5 of them will boost your organic search traffic and search visibility to have your website rank higher and get more traffic.


Imagine getting press and earning the most coveted links from major news outlets like CNN, BuzzFeed, BBC, The Washington Post, CBS News, Time Magazine, Business Insider, The Huffington Post, Mashable, TechCrunch, Inc. Magazine, and more.

Using the most cutting edge SEO strategy available today, we ensure that your organic search traffic, rankings, and results for the next several years will continue to grow and be stable. We create original research, high-quality content, and get it published on major news sites.

And we do it all for you while you continue to run your business.


Campaign Details

Part 1: 10x Content Creation

We begin by creating content that is 10 times better than any other content available on the topic and extremely high-quality.

Just take a look a few of the same approaches to high-quality content and why it can perform so well:

1. Ideation

Rather than guessing at what kinds of content or ideas might interest journalists, we research past, related pieces of content to see what has gotten the most buzz. Piggybacking on past successful campaigns by other brands, marketers, and promoters, we brainstorm and create a newsworthy piece of content that has viral potential. The final content piece should have wide appeal, be interesting, have an emotional hook, and be shareworthy.

2. Execute Original Research

We perform original research by either creating a new survey, digging into your in-house data, or researching and curating existing sources of research and data. Only by creating something new will your company become the source of citations. When we have invested in and executed the necessary research, your business now becomes the authority and “original source for citation” to which other news outlets and websites will link back to. We might additionally get quotes from a trusted expert to add credibility to the campaign.

3. Create On-Page Content

Creating the final presentation of the original research is crucial for the campaign’s success. With professional graphic design, we must use a combination of visuals that captivate, enticing copywriting, and if possible, interactive components.

4. Create Embeddable “Assets” for Journalists to Share

Making it easier to journalists to share our findings makes it more likely that they’ll cover the story. Having the right visuals and graphics to embed in their new article will make it that much easier for them to cover the story with a write up, and increase the odds of us earning that backlink.

Part 2: Digital PR and Journalist Outreach

1. Build a Prospect List of Journalists for Outreach

We must get to know journalists, follow their beat, and appeal to their interests. This can only be done by first finding the right journalists who would be interested in covering our story, and then reading their articles and understanding what content they like to publish. Once we have compiled a data base of hundreds of journalists to pitch, we can then being outreach.

2. Individually and Personally Pitch Qualified Journalists

No journalist wants to reply to a generic mass email from an email blast. Journalists want real relationships with real people, and that’s our approach. While significantly more time-consuming, the substantial increase in results from personalizing every email we send speak for themselves.

3. Follow Up with Journalists and Track Coverage

It’s normal for us to not hear back from most of our initial emails. Journalists are busy and working on many stories. Friendly follow up emails in the coming weeks increase the odds of getting your content covered.

What Every Campaign Includes

  • Everything executed on your behalf
  • Ideation, original research, data analysis and interpretation, content creation
  • Professional web design for graphics
  • Packaging all “assets” in an easily usable form for journalists
  • 60 hours of outreach and prospecting that includes:
    • Prospecting for a list of journalists, news outlets, and bloggers and aggregating all of their contact info into a spreadsheet
    • Looking through each journalist individually to understand their beat and what they cover
    • Creating a standard/general email pitch template
    • Personalizing that email template to each journalist individually and angling/twisting it to each target
    • Replying to emails
    • Following up if we don’t hear back

Timeline and Milestones:

  • Month 1: Content for Campaign A
  • Month 2: Outreach for Campaign A
  • Month 3: Content for Campaign B
  • Month 4: Outreach for Campaign B
  • Month 5: Content for Campaign C
  • Month 6: Outreach for Campaign C

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