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Universal Fitness & Training believes that in life, you only have one chance with every human encounter to do something positive or nothing at all. It is during these moments that we strive to make that encounter somehow positive, pleasant and rewarding to the person in our path so that they may become healhtier, happier, more educated human beings.

Universal Fitness is fully equipped health and fitness center that specializes in helping its patrons succeed in their fitness endeavors. By offering every member a fitness and health orientation and program development by our certified professional fitness staff. Our idea of a membership is a personal relationship between you the member and us the member coach. This relationship is meant to help us get to know you and your personal goals and then to put them together and teach you strategies to succeed. To help you succeed we offer a variety of amenities such as private training, nutritional counseling, cardio theater, circuit training & weight loss for life programs in a comfortable environment.

We also offer a complimentary training consultation, a structured fitness program, a body fat analysis, and an accurate account of your metabolism. In addition we offer meal replacement shakes, juice bar, and friendly energetic service. At Universal Fitness if you're not getting the results you want all you have to do is ask and we will design the format for you to succeed.

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